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MBN are proud to support –
Cancer Innovation Challenge Data Dive.
Product Forge and the Cancer Innovation Challenge are running an open cancer “data dive” event at CodeBase in Edinburgh from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th June 2017.
Entrepreneurially minded data scientists and analysts, clinicians, designers, and software engineers will spend 3 days and 3 nights side by side developing data focused projects to improve cancer care in the NHS in Scotland.

Participants form small cross-functional teams to work on a product prototype with support from subject matter experts and the wider technology community. In addition to a large collection of NHS open data, participants will also have access to computer generated synthetic data. These are representative of the structure but not the content of the following data sets used by the NHS:

- Prescribing Information System (PIS) Data
- Scottish Morbidity Records: Cancer Registry Data
- Scottish Morbidity Records: General / Acute Inpatient and Day Case Data
- National Records of Scotland: Deaths Registrations

This new data released for the event enables the development of tools and processes that could later, with appropriate NHS data control, be applied in real healthcare settings. The source code used for its generation will also be released, and there will be an opportunity to build on the original work on the synthetic data sets.

Whether you already have an idea that you would like to prototype or you would just like to make new connections, we invite you to come along and meet talented people with a shared interest in innovation in cancer care.

Use this opportunity to develop your career, gain new skills, network with professionals, meet potential employers or even kick-start your own company while working on an important subject that affects many lives.

All our participants receive mentoring, 10 free meals and 24 hour access to the venue, and the top ranking teams can access support to develop their concept beyond the event, including further access to NHS experts and data.

Register now!

Cancer Data Dive
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Blockchain Technology – The Film Industry Use Case
by Paul Forrest; MBN Chairman. 


The film industry of the 21st century can benefit from Blockchain technology, an innovation that can digitally support a dynamic and connected global network of content producers, distributors and audiences.
As usual, these are my personal views, thoughts and musings. Please feel free to chime in with your own observations and examples.

The blockbuster success (pun intended) of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency that is just eight years old, has generated worldwide interest in Blockchain, the technology or protocol behind Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is heralded as the next digital disruptor with the potential to transform centralised social, government, business and economic structures across the world.
Blockchain technology presents opportunities for all stakeholders in the film industry from global studio powerhouses, small independent producers, traditional distributors and exhibitors to modern Internet based content streaming platforms.
The One Minute Guide to Understanding Blockchain Technology
A Blockchain is a publicly accessible and decentralised database that is distributed over the Internet. It maintains transaction records publicly in cryptographic form. Transactions are trustless, meaning they can be computed, verified and recorded using automated consensus methods, across a peer to peer network of computers, which eliminates the need for an intermediary or third party to manage or control information.
As the Blockchain grows, tampering or takeover is virtually impossible using today’s technologies, creating an immutable chain of records.
For the film industry, Blockchain technology provides innovative opportunities to address issues related to distribution complexity, management of creative rights and digital piracy.

See full article here

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Streamba & Snap40

Thanks to everyone who attended Scotland Data Science and Technology’s meetup at the tontine building in Glasgow last night.
Special thanks to our two Andy McMahon and Jason Costello.

Andy; Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at Streamba discussed a number of topics including the transferability of some of his physics skills to the problems of the supply chain, and some of the tools and techniques required for studying these very complex systems.
Jason; Data Scientist at snap40 spoke about the challenges of moving data science from exploration to implementation, and how the team are solving problems at the cutting edge of vital sign monitoring and modern patient care.

Are you interested in Data Science, Big Data, Analytics and Technology trends?
Follow - @DataSciTechScot
Meetups held every month alternating from Glasgow to Edinburgh. We hope to cover skills shortages, technological advancements and organisational implications in Data Science and Technology during our series of meetups. All skill levels are welcome.


BitBarista – The bitcoin powered coffee machine & build your own Blockchain.
Thanks to everyone who came to the Scottish Blockchain Meetup last night!

Special thanks to our speakers - Ella Tallyn from Edinburgh University and Alan Keir and Matthew Jeorrett from Wallet.Services. 

Ella; a  UX designer spoke about the practical applications of Blockchain and as an experiment they hacked a coffee machine and made it so that you paid using bitcoin. Her presentation was very interesting and showed practical application of Blockchain/bitcoin outside of the norm.

Alan; Technical Director and Matthew; Developer from Wallet.Services discussed the Blockchain platform they have built and the potential uses for this platform.
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Countdown to Bali! 

1 week to go until our 2016 top performer; Lauren Marshall enjoys her award by jetting off for a two week island hopping trip around Bali, Lombok and the Gili islands with her boyfriend.

These Indonesian islands are known for their iconic beaches and beautiful coral reefs. With a list of places to visit; ancient temples, waterfalls, natural hot springs and more, we’re sure Lauren will have a trip of a lifetime…we’re extremely jealous!

Lauren is a Principal Consultant working within the Technology space with responsibilities for business development, candidate attraction, selection and retention and account management.  Lauren is a key member of the MBN team focusing on finding the very best candidates in the areas of Big Data, Analytics, Information Technology and Digital.

We hope she has a brilliant time!

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At MBN, we’re more than just another recruitment business. We are a full service People Solutions business specialising in finding and securing the very best staff and talent for our clients. This requires us to have an in depth knowledge and appreciation for the sectors and skill areas in which we operate.

Our thought leadership can be seen on our website, but it is the compilation of such commentary that allows us to share our unique insight. MBN decided in 2012 to launch a series of regular events where we invite industry leaders, clients and interested parties to share an evening of networking, presentations and general insight into the areas of our subject matter expertise, namely, Technology, Data Science & Analytics and Digital Initiatives.

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#MBNSkills at the IDM’s Creative Data Academy

Written by Robin Huggins
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Head of Cyber Intelligence

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